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About the Creator

Amir Arami is a visionary entrepreneur and the innovative mind behind Verbal AUTISM and Verbal Academic Support, groundbreaking apps designed to revolutionize the way individuals with communication challenges learn and interact. With a background marked by resilience and determination, Amir’s journey began following a traumatic brain injury that set him on a path of discovery and innovation in the field of assistive technology.

Having navigated the complexities of recovery and inspired by his experiences, Amir dedicated himself to creating solutions that empower those on the autism spectrum and with other communicative difficulties. His academic pursuits, which include a bachelor’s in Psychology and a master’s degree in Special Education, earned amidst personal health challenges, laid a strong foundation for his work in developing tools that are not just functional but truly transformative.

At the heart of Amir’s mission is a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Verbal Academic Support AAC app reflects his deep understanding of the unique needs of non-verbal individuals, offering customizable and intuitive platforms to enhance learning and communication. Under Amir’s leadership, the app has become a beacon of hope and progress for users, families, and educators, embodying his belief that technology can and should be used to create bridges to understanding and self-expression.

Amir’s dedication extends beyond the confines of his company. He is an advocate for the autism community, actively participating in dialogues and initiatives that promote awareness, acceptance, and support for individuals with diverse learning needs. Through his work, Amir Arami continues to inspire those around him, proving that with compassion, innovation, and perseverance, it is possible to make a significant, positive impact on the world.

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About the Co-Creator

Taylour Arami is an esteemed co-founder alongside Amir Arami of Verbal AUTISM and Verbal Academic Support, an innovative educational app designed to support individuals with communication challenges. Her passion for enhancing the educational experiences of those on the autism spectrum and with similar needs is evident in her dedication to the app’s development and outreach.

With a background in education and technology, Taylour brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the team, ensuring that Verbal apps remain at the forefront of educational innovation. Her expertise in curriculum design and instructional technology has been instrumental in creating an app that is not only user-friendly but also deeply impactful in its ability to tailor learning experiences to individual needs.

Taylour’s commitment to the cause is personal and profound. Working closely with users, families, and educators, she actively seeks feedback and ideas to continually enhance the app’s features and usability. Her vision is to create an inclusive learning environment that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of learners, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Beyond her with the Vebal brand, Taylour is an advocate for educational equity, participating in discussions and initiatives that aim to provide equal opportunities for all learners, regardless of their communication abilities. Her work with Amir Arami is not just a professional partnership but a shared journey of commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals who benefit from their app.

As a credentialled Special Education teacher, with a M.Ed. in Special Education degree, Taylour Arami’s influence in the field of educational technology and her unwavering support for the community she serves make her a respected figure and an inspirational leader. Her efforts, in tandem with the Verbal Academic Support team, continue to break new ground in creating accessible, engaging, and effective learning tools for individuals with unique learning needs.

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